‘Totally Mutual Feeling’, the opening track from my latest album, Ritualize has a little feature in the new Lonely Island movie which is out in theaters today. I was lucky enough to check Popstar out last night, and I couldn’t be happier to see a Lushlife & CSLSX jam committed to celluloid in such a brilliantly funny film. Click here to watch a trailer from Popstar on YouTube.

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Finally, you can listen to Ritualize, the brand new album from Lushlife & CSLSX via Billboard.com. After three years in the making, it’s kind of surreal to have the record out in the world today. While I loved releasing singles over the past few months, Ritualize is very much an album experience, and I’m more hyped than ever for you to finally listen to the record front-to-back.

Head over to Billboard.com right now to listen to Ritualize in full, two days before the official release this Friday, February 19th.

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This_Ecstatic_Cult-Email-545px‘This Ecstatic Cult’ is the latest single from the upcoming Lushlife / CSLSX LP, Ritualize. It’s a joint that takes on broken religious, political, and socioeconomic systems with a fire verse from Killer Mike. But, smooth, electro-soul production and a hypnotic chorus from CSLSX play the counterbalance, betraying an on-the-low summertime banger as Mike and I trade class warfare rhymes.

Click here to stream ‘This Ecstatic Cult ft. Killer Mike’ courtesy of The FADER right now.

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After three years, I’m excited to announce the new Lushlife album, ‘Ritualize’ co-produced by CSLSX, and featuring Ariel Pink, Killer Mike,Marissa Nadler, RJD2, Nightlands and more.

The first single, ‘Body Double’ premiered on “Time Crisis” with Ezra Koenig from Vampire Weekend last night. Listen to a stream, and learn more about the album via Pitchfork here.

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Late last year, I released a 10+ minute, 4-movement rap epic about the strange Toynbee Tile meta-art conspiracy. The sweeping Toynbee Suite piece features contributions from RJD2, Nightlands, Yikes the Zero, and a full chamber group, while a beautiful making-of documentary was also filmed by the talented team at Shaking Through. Now, an interview about the whole affair airs this week via nationally-syndicated NPR program, Studio 360.

Listen to the Toynbee Suite interview on Studio 360 here.

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