It’s 2005, and in the moment before mash-ups went from “novel” to “novelty” I released a full-length exploration of Kanye West jams set against the backdrop of The Beach Boys’ seminal Pet Sounds LP. Seven years on, West Sounds is at the very least, an interesting artifact.

The record suggests some formative experiments at the intersection of boom-bap and chamber pop. These are ideas that I explored further on the subsequent Lushlife albums, Cassette City (2009) and Plateau Vision (2012). And, since West Sounds is as ultra-rare as digital media can possibly be in 2012, I’ve decided to give the download a permanent home on this blog. I’m not afraid of my old shit. It’s part of the contract.

To download West Sounds, click here.

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Dig this nails-as-fuck Lushlife remix of Araab Styles from the new Styles P full-length out this week. Tempering the hard body shit (or emboldening it) is a hook that features a blown-out interpretation of Asylum Party’s coldwave classic, Before the Smile.

Stream Lush Styles via Soundcloud here, or click here to download.

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Take a peek at this beautiful panoramic photograph of my South Philly workspace, as shot by Amanda Cerini. The cozy 3rd floor digs looks out onto Philadelphia’s Italian Market neighborhood, and has pretty much everything I need to get by.

Click here, or on the image above to see the full panorama.

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Although I’m primarily in the studio working on the new Lushlife EP (more on that soon), I’ve got some awesome spot dates and festivals coming up. While I’m in the midwest shooting a music video next week, you can catch a live Lushlife set in Oklahoma City, and I’ll also be doing a free outdoor college show in Madison, WI. In early October, I’ll be at Atlanta’s A3C Festival, playing alongside dudes like 9th Wonder, GZA, Killer Mike, and more.

As always, dates and links to buy tickets can be found at: www.theyoungandinlove.com/shows/

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Last year, I did a crazy one-month tour in Europe before I was even finished with Plateau Vision. I wanted to feel some of the music in a live setting before the album was wrapped. There were weird festival dates with Handsome Furs and No Age in far off places like Skopje, Macedonia. I played a tiny heavy metal bar in Sofia, Bulgaria, too. It was some wild shit. Anyway, here’s a full-on mastered live recording from the May 8, 2011 date in Bratislava. At the very least, it should be an interesting artifact.

To download LUSHLIVEINBLAVA, first make sure you’re logged into Twitter in another tab. Then, just click the ‘follow’ widget below, and follow @lushlifemedia on Twitter. When you return to this page, simply click the activated ‘Download’ widget to start your download.

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